May You be Blessed with BEST!

Happy New Years 2011! 


 I hope you all had a beauty-filled holiday season.  I enjoyed taking a week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day with the sole goal of just spending quality time With God; to perceive what was on His mind for this upcoming year. I came with no preplanned agenda of my own,  purposely making the choice to clear my calendar for some Holy Ghost download time. 


During that week He renewed my hope while reigniting my faith in some promises He’d previously given me regarding my daughter, as well as myself.  It was sweet!  There is truly something to be said about having nothing to be said.  It turned out to be so pleasant that I think I need to do it more often.  I loved my reunion time With God, where He and I talked about what I like to refer to as, Come What May talk. 


I really wanted to begin a fresh year and new chapter in my life with His vision. For you see it’s quite easy for me to start something new with Him initially at the helm, only to find out that in short order, I’ve taken over and am actually steering the ship.  Often times when this happens and I don’t even realize it, and by the time that I do, it’s not so easy to relinquish control back to Him, the true Captain of the ship of my life.


As a new year approaches it always seems to be so much easier to Let Go and Let God. so that’s that is what I’ve done with His help.  Now if I can only just stay in that secret place of co-laboring, by allowing Him to do the directing and empowering of my steps of decision.  So far, so good!


With all that said, I wanted to also let you, my readers, I will be now be blogging on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  The off days I plan to live more intentionally, by making it a holy habit to practice what I preach, by creating space to nurture my With God life. Carving out time in my schedule, I believe will create more opportunities for God to invade my thoughts and give me ample privilege to stay attentive to His ever-present Presence, which is such a precious gift I so enjoy! 


I encourage each of you to do the same.  Our relationship With God is truly our lifeline, and although we can fill our days with so many good things, that is truly the BEST; as Jesus said of Mary when she was sitting at His feet, She has chosen BEST.


May this year of 2011 be the BEST year you’ve ever had.  I am confident the BEST is yet to come, and I don’t want to miss it being busy with Good.


May you also be blessed with BEST!


-The Quilted Poetess

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