More than Anything

As I began my devotional time today the Lord prompted me to sing the lyrics (I could remember) to an old song I had learned that was written by worship leader, Don Moen, called, More than Anything.  What I could remember went something like this:

            More than anything…………more than anything………..I love You, Jesus, more than anything. More than worldly wealth………more than life itself………….I love you Jesus, more than anything. Nothing in the world can take your place, or ever take Your love from me……………..

Yesterday, I visited Freedom Christian Center here in Redding, and I was de LIGHT fully surprised.  God met me so powerfully in a way I have longed for; for quite some time.  During that precious time in His Presence He bathed me afresh in His love and peace, filling both my soul and spirit to overflowing, while reminding me once more exactly where the roots of the Spirit-empowered life truly flow from- Him, and our connection with Him through a heart of worship.

As I spent time worshiping and focusing my heart upwards upon Him, I was moved to another dimension that sweet spot He longs to meet with each one of us.  Singing songs that focused exclusively upon Him really helped keep my focus on Him.   The softness of the musicians sensitivity to the moving of the Spirit and the gentle praise that spontaneously welled from within their hearts led me to Him………….to rest at His feet while I received.

As I gazed upon His beauty, all the cares of this earth became strangely dimin the light of His glory and grace (as the song Turn your Eyes upon Jesus says).  This was a huge answer to my personal longing, need, and prayers. 

I so NEEDED a personal touch from the Lover of my soul.  A spirit-led and empowered invasion of His Presence…..into that place where His glory dwells…a visitation from Him …More than Anything.

More than Anything I believe that the simplicity of worship can usher us into that Throne room experience With God…….aka; being ONE with His Presence; and there is NOTHING like it.

Being in His presence IS love. In His presence IS the power to break on through to the other side where heaven invades earth.  His love never fails to both satisfy and provide.  As we can come like little children with anticipation- expecting; He is faithful to deliver and bless……… delivering Himself.

So many times I know we’ve come before and not received, leaving disappointed, which has caused a fear to hope or want or come again expecting, asking or dreaming. Our flame of faith left wavering and fluttering, if not altogether snuffed out.

But once more He is calling and wooing us back……………….saying, Come back and worship Me, and sing to Me- bestow upon Me the honor due My name and you will not be disappointed.  I will come and meet with You.  Love Me with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; More than Anything.  Allow yourself to yield unto Me once more filtering out all distraction and you will enter into Our Secret Place where My glory dwells. I will meet with you there.

He will meet with you at that place, matter of fact, He is just waiting for you to look again and gaze upon Him and His beauty.  As the psalmist says in Psalm 27: 4, One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.

One thing.  Make this your one aim……….More than Anything and I guarantee that whatever Christian tradition, denomination or belief you adhere to, He will come and meet you there, and you will personally experience first hand and infusion of His Presence, love, mercy and the grace of the Spirit-empowered life- and it will change your life!

-The Quilted Poetess

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