Tuned In Today?

Jesus says in John 6:63, The words I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.  Not only do we have spiritual eyes to see, but we also spiritual ears to hear the spoken Word right from the mouth of the Lord- the Word that gives life and life abundantly.  As we spend time fine tuning our ears to His frequency we will cultivate more and more sensitivity to His Voice, and  receive His message of encouragement, hope, and direction.

        As we also make it a holy habit to read God’s Word, one of two things will occur. Either we will receive more understanding about the content of what the Word contains, or while reading,  His voice will speak to us personally through illuminating or highlighting the passage to our spiritual ears. This will cause a quickening in our spirits. When this happens, the  logos, or written word, comes to LIFE and is transformed into a rhema, or spoken word.  Initially this is how the logos word of God was given- through individuals actively and intimately interacting with a personal God, also known as divine communication.  As God has faithfully spoke in days past, He continues to speak to all who will listen.

            Hearing God speak spiritually empowers us to actively become His body.  In Isaiah 50:4, Isaiah pens that morning by morning the Lord wakens his ears to listen like one being taught to know the Word that sustains the weary. As we divinely communicate with God, we are preparing ourselves to become conduits of His Words of life. 

         Some practical questions you might be asking are, Just how do hear His voice and know that it is His voice?   Becoming still in His presence is the first step. Next, directing your heart and mind to seek Him creates the space and opportunity for His Spirit to impress upon you His thoughts and ideas. Spending quality chunks of time With God prayerfully reading His Word is another power way to prepare your mind for these life-giving encounters of receiving a fresh now word. 

      As we know, not all our thoughts are God thoughts.  Thoughts received from our own mind are analytical, but thoughts that come from spirit to spirit communication are often times spontaneous.  The word prophesy means, to bubble up.  God’s rhema, or spoken prophetic word will come to us bubbling up within.  

                      Hearing the voice of the Lord is both an awesome privilege and responsibility of every believer no matter what Christian tradition you are affiliated with.  As you choose to listen, then respond by living out His spoken Word, you both fulfill and activate His vision of bringing heaven to earth in your life, as well as the lives of others.

       The great news is that God will be faithful bring those rhema, or spoken words to your remembrance in time of need when you can utilize them as the sword of His spirit.  Life in the Spirit plays the notes of an exciting adventure for us to participate in- when we tune to hear. Why not Tune In Today?

 -The Quilted Poetess

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