Holy of Holies

I am reading an amazing book I can hardly put down regarding the Sacramental Tradition, written by Jeanne Guyon, called, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. In the book Jeanne shares so intimately about the simplicity of the With God Incarnate life that God has made available to us as Psalms 46:10 says, Be still and know I am God.

Quieting our soul so the Spirit of God that lives within and longs to commune with our spirit is sometimes a challenge at best. When we become still, the inactivity many times appears to us as no activity, but in God’s economy just the opposite is actually true. His Spirit that now resides in the center of our being, longs for our fellowship with us, but with that said; we are the one who makes the journey inward to meet with Him. Making the inward journey below the surface level to that epicenter can be more difficult than it would seem.  Distractions, temptations, as well as preconceived ideas about the spiritual nuts and bolts necessary to accomplish such a journey can all hinder our progress.

True fellowship With God is a spiritual activity.  Because we consist of soul and spirit, often times our soul becomes our vehicle of choice in making that inward journey.  When doing so, because Self is in the driver’s seat, the destination we long to arrive at is never truly reached.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, on the 6th day of Creation, when we were created God sovereignly gave us dominion over both the earth and the choices we make in our lives. Because God communes with us spirit to spirit,  it is always up to us to surrender Self (or our soul) so we can enter His Holy of Holies.  Once that surrender takes place, our spirit is free to engage with Him.

This can be most easily accomplished by becoming still.  When we relax and let go of concerns, preoccupations, striving, talking, etc., we actually are telling our soul to move over, so our spirit can take the driver’s seat.  When this occurs, as a magnet the Lord’s Presence attracts our spirits to Him.

As our spirit comingles with His, we experience a taste of what the Incarnational life is all about. We are ushered gracefully into the Secret Place of His reality. Stillness, rest, and oneness with the Lord result.  Inward tranquility soon becomes our portion.

During those times the Spirit of God begins to pray and intercede within us those things that are on His heart.  He also reveals the things to us that He longs to change in us, and  shows us our nature. It comes by way of revelation, and although has the impact of being a personal encounter, is filled with tenderness and love which evokes from us a longing to change.

Jeanne Guyon does a great job explaining the process that I’ve just touched upon, as well as give practical spiritual steps to grow in her book, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ.  The first step she mentions is to become like Mary and sit quietly at the feet of Jesus. 

As you do He will reveal His Presence to you and begin to take you to the depths.  Spending quality time alone in a solitary place With God on a regular basis will increase your encounters with Him, which in  turn will make you more aware of His Presence throughout your day.  

As you still yourself regularly throughout the day, His gently nudges will not only lead the way, but empower you to live His life through yours. It’s truly a journey, but begins by surrendering and entering The Secret Place.  Won’t you choose to do so me today?

Just to “BE” in The Secret Place-

To rest, relax in Your embrace.

To meet with You where I can BE”

Released and free- merged, “ONE” with Thee.

From thoughts, activity distractions, worry-

Where time stands still and there’s no hurry.

Your glory filling the atmosphere-

Where peace is found and there’s no fear.

Only impartations with revelation-

And manifestations in demonstration.

Of Kingdom activity Heavenly visitation-

Your Spirit moving calling, loving, wooing.

As Your anointing infills me-

I know that when I leave this place

I’ll “BE” with You wherever I go

Experiencing daily communion sweet-

Heaven’s taste of The Secret Place.

-The Secret Place

 -The Quilted Poetess

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