In the Cool of the Morn

Yesterday was off the charts crazy for me.  When I was faced with some unexpected circumstances, instead of turning my gaze unto Him, I rose up in my own strength only to find myself completely out of control and stressed out. Sound familiar? 

This morning, thank God I began my day by making a different choice. I started it off by spending time sitting at His feet. And thank God His mercies are new every morning, which I desperately needed! He immediately spoke and ministered to my flailing heart. Thank you JESUS!  Today, I’d like to share that journal entry dialogue with you as an example of the Sacramental tradition, as well as a poem I’ve written that compliments it called, In the Cool of the Morn.

You Lord, are the One who will never leave or forsake me.  I cannot depend on anyone else in that way, only You.  You are the God who sees -that is there for me.  I do want to strengthen my spirit, but I want to do that by abandoning self and my soul, fully depending on You.  Tapping into Your wellspring of strength. I know I can do all things through You, Christ, who strengthens me.  You are always faithful to bestow upon me all the riches found in You.  I can do these things through renewing my mind continually with Your Word of Truth. -then choose to wholeheartedly both believe it and apply it to my life circumstance.  You Word is filled with revelation of who You are and the all that You offer and promise to provide and be for me in my life.  When I choose to focus the eyes of my heart on that spiritual truth that is so often unseen to the natural eye-I open my spirit up to embrace Your incarnation flowing in and through my life.  We become one. This is when I truly live and move and have my being in You.  This is the secret place where I experience the river of the kingdom of God within- that can then flow without- to bring life and love to those in the world around me.  When this occurs You are willing and working according to Your good purpose through my life to reconcile all things to Yourself, to their original design and substance. Oh what a mighty, and faithful, and loving, and powerful God I serve. To serve You is to reign with You. Come Holy Spirit-have Your way in me today. I cast all cares and concerns upon You with great anticipation and elation, knowing You are there for me-  able to move mountains.  I surrender- not my will, but Thy will be done-on earth as it is in heaven!

 In the Stillness of the Cool of the Morn,

I come to You, my precious Everything;

To spend priceless moments of Intimacy,

Where You walk and talk with me.

We gleefully Play, chat and discuss what may,

Whatever Thoughts my heart and spirit does say;

And as I Dialogue and converse with You,

My longing heart is drawn to;

Your gentle Voice leading me the Way.

As You Speak to me so lovingly,

We create a conversational Sonnet in harmony;

A Duet just between us, played so tenderly,

Once completed becoming the Melody;

I’m able to Dance to, move forward, perform,

In step, in Synch, one direction, accord.

With You as my Partner in unity,

Embracing one another flowing so gracefully;

Intertwined oneness, heart, spirit, mind’s aligned,

A Ballet of two Lovers so delightfully Divine.

-In the Cool of the Morn

 -The Quilted Poetess















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