Look Up!

I awoke this morning from a night troubled by circumstance.  As I sat down with the Lord to spend time with Him, my spirit declared, This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it, although my mind and heart were not exactly in agreement, as still weighted down in by a gray haze of despair.

As I continued to spend time with Jesus,  He was so faithful to speak the following, Learn to live above your circumstances by trusting in Me. Wow! I thought. Lord, You just met my need and spoke the exact word that my heart truly needed to hear at this very moment.  It felt like I had just received a kiss on my lips!

As we continued to discourse, His words to me went something like this: Joyanne, in this world you will have tribulation, because its woven into its very fabric, but as you spend time with Me, I will empower you to both face and overcome its grip on you. I will not only minister My peace to you, but give you My perspective so you can enter into My rest in the midst of it.  Grace will permeate both your troubled heart and mind and free them from distress.  Whom I set free is free indeed.  Look up, and as you do, lightness will invade and free you from the weight and heaviness of discouragement.

After He spoke these priceless words to me, hope began to fill my heart and mind once more lifting them from that gray haze. Blue skies began to surface.  You see, faith is the hope of things anticipated and the evidence of things unseen. As my heart was infused with the eyes of faith, I became confident once more that God would invade those circumstances that were causing me despair. Although I didn’t know how, I knew that I could trust Him.  My heart and mind are now at peace and at rest, because I chose to I Look Up!

 Look, glance, and gaze; turn your focus unto Jesus,

From you and yourself, your ache or your pain;

And when you choose to, His presence will come,

To both dazzle and shine, so brilliantly through;

Whatever the problems, that may be troubling you.

-excerpt from Do You See What I See? 

Why not look up today? What do you have to lose?

-The Quilted Poetess

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