World Changers

Last week I took the liberty to summarize a recent message I had heard from Bill Johnson  regarding the recent tragedy in Japan. Today I’d like to continue that message and mention again that this is only my interpretation of his message and presented as food for thought. If you’d like to hear it firsthand in its entirety, you can locate it on, dated, March 21, 2011.

If as I’ve previously mentioned, God’s will in heaven IS His will on earth. With this said, we can be assured that chaos, and earthquakes, and tsunamis are neither caused by Him, nor are they His will….. because, IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO CHAOS. According to His Word, we also know that it is not His will that any would perish, but because some people have chosen and will choose to reject salvation, they will perish, but with this said, be reminded that God is not the cause of their perishing.

Although the Word of God speaks about such things as earthquakes and floods in the last days, it is important to remember that these passages are not given to us to be promises but are written to us to as warnings. In contrast, God’s promises are found in such passages as written in Isaiah 61, where God says His light and glory will arise upon and shine through us. It is important that we make sure to differentiae between the two when interpreting the scriptures, as they are actually contrasting realities.

In the midst of the various scriptural warnings, God has called the Church to be the world changers to go into the darkness and bring deliverance. That is why Jesus was sent, and that is why He is sending us. We need to remember that as the body of Christ, God has equipped us with tools and the revelation of His heartbeat. In everything He warns us about He also gives us instructions on how to overcome. When we choose to feed ourselves on those things, it brings the context for courage and proactive partnering with Him. We each play a role in His assignment to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the earth.

Today we are in desperate need of the favor of God in this world.  As it says in Romans 8:19, the world lives with eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.  When Adam sinned, sin was released over the entire planet, but in hope was it was subjected, so it could be delivered. Although earthquakes can remind us that the earth is crying out for the answer, deliverance can be released through 1 generation who will take dominion.  Our liberty can become the planets liberty. We ARE the delivers as God’s ordained ambassadors. Christ now lives in us, and He delivers through us as we co-partner with Him. 

Through humbling ourselves and praying, our land can heal and divine order can be reestablished once more out of chaos as we fulfill our assignment. We do have a responsibility, but it’s not to proclaim God’s warnings as judgment, but instead, to partner with Holy Spirit through prayer and intercession to conduct an offensive victory.

Currently, there is a Christian Japanese man in charge of going into the nuclear plant in Japan to remedy its horrendous threat. Because He both realized that someone had to be willing to go and try to turn things around, and was willing to be that someone and risk his life, the problem might be solved. Let’s join together and with him through prayer offer usher in the solution to that dilemma.

Darkness always needs to be both identified and addressed, so make the choice with me  today to enter into the battlefield as a world changer with a theology based on the love of God for all humanity. Jesus offered His life for the salvation of the nations and that includes Japan. God’s will IS the redemption of man, the healing of this planet, the health of family, and the celebration of the goodness of God.

As Ezekiel wrote, the Lord is looking for a man who will stand in the gap. Petitioning for God’s order, protection, mercy and blessings to come into this current chaos in one way to do that.  Remember, the mercy we choose to show Japan we will also will receive.  Your petition could be the very agent used to release His Hand. We have all been called to such a time as this. Be confident that your effective, fervent prayers will avail much and change the world!

The Quilted Poetess

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