In To Me See

My computer went down so as you probably have noticed, I haven’t been able to post anything new this week, but I just got it back, so I thought I’d blog about something the Lord deeply touched my spirit about.  It’s the subject of Intimacy with Him.  Because life can become so busy and filled with numerous challenges; often times our relationship with Him revolves around just that.  He reminded this past few days, that intimacy with Him is what is truly most important, and carving out those times to just be With Him as the Lover of my soul, will refresh, revitalize, renew and revamp my life!!  Below are some devotional thoughts on the topic.  After you finish reading it, I encourage you to carve out some of your own quality time to spend With Him!!

He, the Lover of your Soul is the source of all true fulfillment, meaning, vision, and hope. Our intercourse with Him touches the very depths of our being in ways that no one and nothing else can. He beckons us daily, wooing us; enthralled with our beauty. He whispers gently in our heart saying, “Arise My darling, my beautiful one, come away with Me……” Song of Solomon 2:10 Go with Him to the mountains of myrrh and the hills of incense. Let Him bring you into His chambers and let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth. Reciprocate by inviting Him into the garden of your heart to taste its choice fruits. Hold Him and don’t let go until the day breaks and the shadows flee…..

-The Quilted Poetess

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