Ocean Breezes

My latest book release, Ocean Breezes, is hot off the press. Geri Lee Adams, my coauthor and I will be having our first Book Signing in Gold Beach Oregon, my home away from home, on Saturday, May 7th @ 1:00-3:00 pm at Gold Beach Books. This coffee table treasure will both invigorate the senses of your soul and spirit to arise, while at the same time, relax and whisper gently to your heart, ocean breezes of stillness and rest. Please join us if you are in the area for a heartfelt journey through scenic photography and poetic descriptions of the ocean’s breathtaking call.

I have always LOVED the ocean and gone to vacation there often.  I was blessed to join God in this  amazing project of bringing the beauty of His Presence into a book for all to savor and enjoy.  If you are interested in enjoying some of the beautiful photography or finding our more about ordering Ocean Breezes, please visit my website: www.joyanneferrara.com for more information. 

We dedicate this book to You

the Master Creator of all Creations.

In the beginning

You created the heavens and the earth

the seas and all they contain.

The sun, moon, and stars

and all this incredible beauty that surrounds us.

The world as we know it

that is truly a spectacular array of wonder and awe.

Through poetic verse and photography

may we capture a glimpse of the essence and beauty

that was in Your mind’s eye for all to behold and savor

of the oceans’ sights, sounds and seasons.

Through our witness may the earth be blessed more and more- with the knowledge of Your glory, as the waters cover the sea.  Paraphrase of Habbakuk 2:14

-The Quilted Poetess



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