Worthy to be Praised

Worthy to be praised, Names above all Names, You alone are worthy of our praise. The eyes of my heart are upon set upon You when I worship You. Time stands still as I hollow Your Name. Peace flows, and Your glory emerges as Your Presence fills the atmosphere in my midst. Heaven invades, and all is well. Fresh clarity and purity encompass my mind, heart and soul when I lift You high.

There is no better place to be than in Your Presence.  I lose sight of everything that would encumber or distract, and serenity becomes my stayed reality where nothing can separate me from You or Your love.  I am Yours and You are mine; Your banner over me is love and Your love melts away all that would fragment. In Your Presence I am still…………quiet……………released wthout any reservations; to You, Most High God who is worthy to be praised.

You alone are truly worthy of my praise and my worship.  There is none like You. I offer my worship to You and only You, and I give You all glory. There are no words to describe how much I love you.  That fullness is greater and so much bigger than any words I can utter or express.

As I worship, I rest in the shadow of Your wings.  You are my comforter and my shield. I am safe and secure and at rest.  Peace flows.  I feel healed and whole.  I am protected in Your everlasting wings. Your manifested Presence is available for me to enter as I practice Your Presence; yielded, surrendered.

Healing flows in Your Presence and strongholds are released. I am free which brings a spontaneous cry…. I love You Lord!  As I worship You, You give me back so much more, because you give Yourself. Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen! Revelation 7:12b

Give glory to God, thanksgiving and praise,

it belongs to Him, each and every day;

For He alone, is worthy to extol,

to honor, pay tribute, to worship, exalt.

-excerpt from To You Alone, Be All  Glory

-The Quilted Poetess     

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