What is INSIDE Your Glass?

The book of Proverbs is filled with wise counsel for many areas of stewardship in our lives.  This morning while reading, the Lord highlighted Proverbs 27:19 to me, which says,  As water reflects the face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.  What is on the inside IS reflected on the outside by all we do and say.

According to this proverb, we can access what exactly is stirring and whirling within and motivating us, by viewing the good or bad fruit that are expressed through our words, actions and deeds. They will manifest and either bless, or manifest and curse our own lives and those we have contact with. 

Recently, while viewing one of Priscilla Shrirer’s teachings on the book of Jonah, I saw a great practical analogy of this concept. She invited a woman from the audience to come forward and hold a glass of water out in front of her.  As she was holding it, Priscilla began to shake her arm, as and she did, the water spilled over the top of the glass to the floor.  It continued to overflow; as long as there was water within.

Then Priscilla asked the audience, What caused the water to spill over?  Although the practical answer would be, Priscilla, you shaking her arm, Priscilla went on to share the real cause, The water overflowed BECAUSE there was water INSIDE the glass to begin with.

The same is true with our hearts; what is on the INSIDE with flow out.  If our heart’s are filled with good things; fruitful words, deed and actions with flow from within, but likewise, if our heart’s are filled with impurities, bitterness, self-centeredness, etc., that is what the output will be.

Today, you might want to personally pay attention to what flows out; both publicly and privately from within your heart.  Take and inside look and see if the river is pristine and life-giving, or polluted, muddied and a health hazard to those who will be  exposed to it.  After assessing, if you find it needs a little sanitizing from the impurities, why not begin the process?

Holy Spirit is more than willing and able to help; He is just waiting for you to give Him the OK to begin the process. Not only is His glory at stake if you WAIT, but your destiny.  He longs to both bless you and make you a blessing of refreshment, displaying His kingdom on earth.  Why not join Him today by taking an inside look?

-The Quilted Poetess 


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