Little House on the Freeway

Yesterday, while listening at lunchtime to a Focus on the Family broadcast, Dr. Tim Kimmel and his wife were discussing their book called, Little House on the Freeway.  During the discourse, they shared various keys of transitioning from the hurried lifestyle. The book sounded extremely informative and I would highly recommend you reading it.

Hurriedness, due to overcommitments as well as many other factors involved in our everyday life decisions, truly sabotage what I was speaking about yesterday regarding the stewarding of the heart.  Making quality time for rest to refuel our wellspring with God’s river of life~ will not happen if continue zooming here and zooming there at mach speed.

I know firsthand, that temptation is continually knocking at my door, beckoning me to answer and give way by saying YES to one more commitment of my time and energy.  The funny thing is, I find that these temptations are often times GOOD things, but the real question I always need to ask myself  is,  Are they GOD things? 

This is where exercising both discernment and the fruit of self-control become paramount.  BEFORE committing to even picking up the phone when it rings, I need to ask myself the all important question,What is my focus right now, and will this interrupt it?  If the answer if YES, it can wait. Once I begin practicing the discipline of says NO, the tentacles of temptation back off, for I have found that whatever I choose to acquiesce to, becomes my habit.

In order to be successful at stewarding our hearts, we need to guard our hearts  from EVERYTHING that would want to invade, distract, disrupt, and dissuade us from our most important purposes, which are individually determined with the Lord’s guidance.

Once we hear His voice showing us the way, we must become DOERS of those goals by co-partnering with Him through His grace and wisdom. This will truly only occur if we remember to first STOP ourselves from overcommitments and distractions that are NOT His will and plan for us. As we all know, this is much easier said than done.

Becoming conscious when distractions arise is really the first step of action, or should I say NO action. Always remember that in the midst of this process, there will be divine God- sent interruptions.  This is where discernment comes in. We develop our Knower, through an ongoing, intimate, day-to-day, moment by moment, relationship with God. Otherwise, when those  God-sent interruptions come, we will not HEAR His Voice that speaks to us (sometimes very quietly) showing us the right decision to make.

Are your ready to SLOW down from your harried lifestyle? Choose today to say YES, and I know you will grow in discovering more effectively God’s PLAN for rest and peace with your family, work and relationships. If you get a chance, you might also want to pick up Kimmel’s book, which describes in humorous detail seven marks of the harried life, as well as other great points for the how to’s to change lanes.

-The Quilted Poetess

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