To Do or Not To Do?

Yesterday afternoon, after a busy, scheduled filled day~ my husband and I took a drive up to Lakehead to visit some friends who were RVing for a few days in the area.  What a DELIGHT!  Their campsite overlooked Shasta Lake and was shaded by some beautiful large pine trees from the warm summer temperatures. It proved to be a peaceful, serene, restful, intimately, delightful time!  Being away from the hub and bub of the daily routine and to do’s, with nothing more to do than just lounge and drink in the both the beauty of our surroundings and one another’s company, was not only enjoyable, but a much needed reprieve.

You see, I’ve been getting ready to leave town for a few weeks to celebrate my son’s 30th birthday and to join a treasured old-time family friend in celebrating her son’s wedding day. But with that said, at this point, my entire focus has been on getting ready.  There is always so much to do when preparing for a trip, not to mention keeping up with the regular routine.

I am a master scheduler, but as hard as I try NOT to over schedule my time, it seems my days are FILLED with more to do’s, then the time I have to do them.  Today, I’d like to discuss that topic in regards to the stewarding of our hearts; the topic of busyness.

Busyness can be a real encumbrance that robs us of the very life we think we will find in the midst of it many activities.  As Chuck Swindoll says, Busyness rapes relationships.  It substitutes shallow frenzy for deep friendship.  It promises satisfying dreams, but delivers hollow nightmares. It feeds the ego, but starves the inner man. It fills the calendar, but fractures the family. It cultivates a program, but plows under priorities.

We were created for intimacy. Intimacy with God and others.  There is a nurturing of the heart that takes place during such times of intimacy, as it did last night for myself with my friends at Lakehead, but busyness can often leave us bankrupt of time and the emotional currency to have such transactions.  And without them……………well, emptiness, discouragement, frustration, and other heart robbers come in and loot our treasuries.

As Tim Kimmel says, Intimacy provides the immune system for the soul~ it battles the psychological infections of discouragement, rejection, inadequacy, insignificance and insecurity.  Being assured by acceptance by the people closest to us gives us confidence.  Confidence gives us the ability to endure.  But rushed schedules rob us of the time needed to develop intimate relationships.  If time is anything, it is oxygen of close relationships.  Hurried life suffocates intimacy.

To do, or not to do….that is the question. I believe taking a hard, honest, prayerful look at your lifestyle and commitments is truly the first step.  Assessing exactly how you are spending your time can bring into the light of your awareness areas you might be able to trim, so you will have more time to breathe and prioritize intimacy with God and others.

I will be doing just that the next few weeks.  Taking much needed time for intimacy with family and close friends to regenerate.  As I do, I will not be writing on my blog, but rest assured when I return, I will be refreshed, renewed and ready to share from a regenerated, spiritually oxygenated pumping heart!

I would encourage you to also schedule in some much needed down time to spend this summer with those you treasure.  I know it will also refill your treasuries with rainbows and pots of gold.

-The Quilted Poetess

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