The Unbelievable Grace of God

Yesterday, Eric Johnson spoke at church about the unbelievable grace of God.  He challenged us to take some time and ask God for a greater revelation of it.  Last night, while watching a special broadcast about the kidnapping and survival of JayCee Duggard, God did just that!  

As I reflected on it this morning, questions rose in my spirit as to Why the Lord didn’t intervene so they could find her sooner~ when they had so many opportunities?  To that question, I received no answer.  But I also found myself pondering just how amazing  her ability was to actually withstand such a tortuous 18 years of life,  while at the same time stay so coherent and sane.  That is when His still small voice did speak to me saying, It was because of My grace.

The grace of God is what carried here through, day after day, year after year, and is still carrying her. Because of the unbelievable grace of God, she has endured circumstances that could have caused insanity. Amazing huh? But for the grace of  God!  I know that probably none of us could imagine enduring such a horrendous, abusive 18 yrs. of hell, but that’s just it.  Grace is imparted to us…… if and when we need it. It doesn’t come haphazardly, or ahead of time; but right when we do need it offering with it a choice~ to either receive or reject it.

In JayCee’s case, she chose to receive it, and thank God she did.  Look at the difference it has made in the outcome of her life, her mother’s life, and her children’s lives. They each now have a future and a hope, because of the unbelievable grace of God.  That grace that carried her through, will now carry them forward into this next season of healing, deliverance, and of fresh hope and vision. 

One of JayCee’s dreams was to ride in a hot air balloon. They showed her doing just that at the end of the broadcast.  This was also such a great visual of the grace that is available to each one of us.  When we make the choice to receive it, God’s amazing grace will also carry us above life’s injustices, tragedies and despair. There is always HOPE!

If your spiritual heart balloon is measuring low today on grace,  just ask Him for a refill.  He is more than willing and more than able.  Let JayCee’s story of the supernatural grace of God be just the encouragement you need.  Ask and you shall receive that upgrade for yourself.  As 1 Thess. 5:24 says, The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it.

The Quilted Poetess

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One Comment on “The Unbelievable Grace of God”

  1. Gail Combs Says:

    I really liked todays message:) We all need to have and ask for more grace. That is something I am working on in my life and god is showing me day by day! Hugs Gail

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