How Do You Spell Success?

I just finished reading and reviewing my notes from, Little House on the Freeway, by Tim Kimmel.  What a powerful and life transforming book!  Although Tim’s main premise in the book is the topic of REST, He discusses many other practical life issues also. You cannot read this book without it having a huge impact on your life.  A must read for all who are interested in truly taking an inside look at stewarding their heart.

Reading it has left me both encouraged and challenged.  Some of the information is of course, things I’ve already been working on in my life, but because of, I guess of what I would call a present laxness, they have kinda slipped through the cracks. They have moved from a state of  active pursual  to sadly a place of a passivity. Now I’ve been reignited to get back on track and begin filling those cracks.

One crack in particular that caught my attention had to do with Tim’s definition of success.  Society teaches us to view success by our achievements and rewards, as well as with the measuring sticks of wealth, beauty, power and fame.  In and of themselves, nothing is wrong with any of these things. Where the heart issue arises is when we utilize these things to define our significance, and our sense of completeness, instead of God’s approval and love for us.

When the success of wealth is our goal, superficial things can become the object of our affection. People can become pawns for us to use in reaching our goal, instead of honoring, loving and valuing them. Our focus and the energy can shift becoming more about what we do, than who we are. When this happens, a shift can occur in our hearts from God  view of true success, Loving God and Loving Others, to that of worshipping ourselves.

The scripture says in Romans 14:27, For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. According to this passage, true success in God’s kingdom can be measured by the fruits of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit experienced in our lives. 

I have found that when my success meter is off, and I’m pursuing the world’s standards instead of God’s, these very fruits become sparse.  Instead of experiencing Holy Spirit joy and peace, I experience emptiness, apathy and dissatisfaction. Making the time to take an inside look and readjust my perspective brings renewed hope. Peace and joy return and flood my parched heart with rivers of living water.

This is just one example of the many areas covered in Tim’s book.  Why not pick up a copy and allow Holy Spirit to quicken to you nuggets of successful strategies to true spiritual success?  I know you won’t  be disappointed!

-The Quilted Poetess

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