Do What You Love

This past week I’ve been reading Streams of Living Water, by Richard FosterAs I’ve mentioned before, it is a great book detailing the history of each Christian tradition.  As I was reading more about the Evangelical tradition, I read a wonderful excerpt  of Billy Graham’s testimony.

As you probably know, Billy Graham is a famous evangelist who the Lord has both anointed and worked through for years, to bring salvation to many.  He was faithful to his calling and the rewards have been great. I bet each one of us knows at least one person whose has been transformed through his life-giving message.

While reading I was reminded of the importance of keeping a single focus.  This was one of the main reasons Billy Graham was so fruitful in his ministry.  Although numerous opportunities availed themselves to him; he choose to fight for his focus in faithfully preaching the gospel.

I have heard it said that we each make about 35,000 decisions a day.  Some incidental, but some of utmost importance.  Depending on the choices we make, we, like Billy Graham either fulfill our calling, or we pass them up by choosing to succumb to the temptation of something that might appear good, but not actually be what is best.

While reading the Lord impressed on me that we should each, Do what we love, for we were created to love what we do. In our lives there will be times we need to complete a job just because it needs to be done, but  true life direction, purpose and focus, I  believe should meet this criteria.  When God individually fashioned us~ in His incredible loving nature,  I believe that specifically gave us each a passion for certain things more than others for a reason.  That reason is because He wants us to actually enjoy what we’ve been created to do. 

If we are not finding enjoyment in what we are spending our time and energy doing, I think we need to pray and take and inside look and make sure it is what God has called us to do.  My son just completed The Tour of the California Alps, Death Ride (a 130 mile bicycle ride over 5 mountain passes).  We were so proud of him! When he called to inform of  he completed the ride with  success, he commented, The mountain passes were relentless, and I see no reason to do this ride again.

Hearing this reminded me that not every mountain we see is meant for us to climb.  In other words, certain occupations or callings might not be what God has for us. If we find after venturing out into one that we are not feeling a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction or delight as a byproduct…….just maybe we need to try something different.

Billy Graham’s testimony is of a man who did just that. When he found himself either tempted or climbing up the wrong mountain, he stopped and took the the time to seek God for wisdom and direction and turned around. He did what he loved, because he took the time to find out exactly what he was created to do.  You and I can do the same!

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you. 

 Ephesians 1:18

-The Quilted Poetess    

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