The Spirit Whisperer

In reading the title of today’s blog, you might be asking yourself, What exactly is that? Well, yesterday I went to see a movie called, Buck, It was an amazing true documentary about a man named Buck, who is a Horse Whisperer. It protrayed very candidly his life story, both past and present.

Buck has an incredible job which he absolutely loves. He is a professional Horse Whisperer.  He travels the country and works with both traumatized horses, as well as horse owners to train them to work more effectively with their horses.   The movie includes some of the most amazing clippage showing Buck’s talent and giftings.

Watching him as he worked with horses, reminded me of how Holy Spirit works with us.  His approach, much like Buck’s is to gently nudge us in reassuring ways to trust and follow Him.  As we spend quality time with the Lord, we cultivate more receptivity to His Spirit whispering voice, that not only leads us, but also brings us the comfort, love and healing we long for.

That was exactly what Buck does with horses.  He himself was physically abused as a young boy, but the Lord brought him back to life by bringing people into his life to nurture and love him, which  brought healing from past hurts.  Included with his background with horses and his God-given talent, He felt called to do the same with horses.

Buck’s testimony is such an inspiration that there is not only hope, but healing from even the most severe abuse.  As Christians, the Holy Spirit is always at work to either gently lead us through that work, or bring someone else who can and will. There is no case that  is too difficult, and He promises to never leaves us to ourselves.  Praise God!

If you have a chance to see the movie, I would highly recommend it.  I know you also will glean insight that will  benefit you and those you love. In the meantime my prayer for you is that He, the Spirit Whisperer will whisper into your heart today, exactly what you need to hear!

-The Quilted Poetess

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