Taste and See

I just returned from the most wonderful lunch date with an old friend.  She emailed me many weeks ago, offering an invitation to dine with her, but it took a process and numerous emails to alas, configure our schedules to a day and time that was perfect for both of us.  But perfect it was, even the name of the quaint cafe she took me to; Gold’s Cafe.

Gold’s Cafe is a small place located on a back street in downtown Redding.  It is that kind of place my husband is always looking for when we are on the road.  You know those kinds of restaurants found off the beaten path~ where all the local go, but often times those traveling through don’t even know exist.

Well, Gold’s Cafe is just that kind of place. Offering great food and great comfort, which often times leads to great conversation!  And great conversation it was. Neither of us could stop talking from the moment we arrived.  We covered all kinds of topics, including quick snapshots of  past, present and future……………..all in less than 2 hrs.  Something only 2 women could do.

Making and creating time in our schedules for such opportunities can offer fresh oxygen to our emotional lungs.  Nothing feels better than being in the company of someone who truly loves us and is interested in EVERYTHING we have to say.

Our relationship with God is to be much the same, but sometimes, I think because we cannot see Him physically, nor actually hear Him, it can seem different. But the truth is, it isn’t. He might not have flesh on Him, but He has an even more unbelievable scope of love, interest and enjoyment in us~ and everything about us. And when we do take the time to feast with Him, chit chatting and discussing what may…………………..we also leave very satisfied, refreshed and reignited.

Why not make and take some time today to catch a bite with Him?  Taste and see that the LORD is good! 

-The Quilted Poetess

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