Oh What a Night!

A few evenings ago, I went on a moonlight kayak tour at Whiskeytown Lake.  Although I’ve been out kayaking a few other times this year, I’d never been on the lake during the later evening hours. We headed out just before dusk, and the moon was already vivid in the cloudless sky above. As the evening progressed, and the sky became darker and darker, everything stilled and settled down around. As it did, all our senses become more and more alive to both the silhouettes of both trees and mountains, as well as the smells and the sounds of nature surrounding us.  The moonlight was glistening and sparkling so beautifully upon the waters. To the touch it was bath water warm.  Oh what a night!

As constellations began to unfold in the starlit night, we would occasionally stop and point them out to one another.  Meteor showers were also a highlight of thrill emerging by surprise on occasion. Pondering the never-ending galaxies caught the attention of our thoughts, reminding us of just how BIG God really is!

In the midst of all this evening beauty, my favorite part was the moonlit water, leaving a rippling white trail for our kayaks to follow.  In the quietness of the night, our eyes were fixed on this trail in all its beauty, which led us back to where we’d begun……………the way home.  No directions needed to be given, as this moonlit trail spoke volumes through its magnificent grandeur.  Oh what a night!

I am so thankful to live in such a beauty-filled area, able to celebrate God’s creation firsthand.  Thank you LORD!  Thank you that You created the night to be as beautiful as the day. Thank you everything in creation speaks to our senses to bless and enrich our lives.  Thank you that you love us so much, that you created our surroundings and abode so amazingly gorgeous for us to both behold and be one with. I was STILL and I knew that You were GOD…..oh what a night!

The  creation is quite like a spacious and splendid house, provided and filled with the most exquisite and most abundant furnishings. Everything in it tells us of God.  John Calvin

-The Quilted Poetess

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