Rooted and Grounded in Love

My husband and I have moved numerous times in the past 14 years, both to new homes and new areas.   This was quite a change of lifestyle for both of us who were born and raised in the same house and town for almost 20 yrs. Once relocating to beauty-filled Lake Tahoe, we settled down once more for the next 24 yrs. raising our family and again occupying only 2 homes for the next 20 yrs. 

Since that time, we’ve been on the move.  On the move both physically and spiritually.  For 2 people who had spent the first 40 plus years, stably planted in only 2 locations and 3 permanent homes, this was quite a transition- or should I say a transplant. Yes, I know I have felt literally transplanted, over and over and over again this past 14 years.  Moving from Tahoe to Redding to Montana, than back to Redding, while occupying 7 homes has been quite a whirlwind of experience, not to mention the transitioning from church home to church home. But NOW, I am happy to report we are settlers once more.   We’ve been in our present home going on our 3rd year. 

Settling avails the opportunity to once more become grounded.  Routines and schedules can be established, becoming a stabilizing force, making it so much easier to focus, relax and feel secure.  Spiritually speaking this also occurs when we become as Ephesians 3  says, rooted and grounded in love. Knowing and experiencing God’s love~ that surpasses understanding- is unconditional, is always available 24/7, roots us in th soil of His kingdom. When rooted, we can grow strong and stable and thus flourishing and bearing fruit.

Until such time we can be liken to houses built on sand; lacking stability, being tossed to and fro with every wind, trial, challenge, and new way of thinking that blows.  God is always willing and working in us to ground us, but we also, must become active recipients of this rooting process, or it will not occur. Spending quality getting to know God through His Word, worship, and listening for His life giving, loving Presence is a sure proof way to do just that.

The rest is supernatural.  He infiltrates our hearts and minds to not only begin to good work of the rooting process, but is faithful to complete it, as it says in Philippians 1:6.   It truly is a lifelong process~ and not one for the faint in heart. But again, if you find you are faint it heart, take heart~ He will strengthen you and give you His amazing grace. He has an answer for everything; it might not always be the answer you are looking for, but it will bring comfort, encouragement, healing and hope, no matter the circumstance~   You see, His sweet Presence is the answer, because He is the true lover of your soul and the one and only that eternally can satisfy. 

When in need for grounding, ask, seek and knock today and keep on  knocking………..and He will answer, and when He does your life will never be the same.

-The Quilted Poetess

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