I want you to trust Me in Your times of trouble, so I can rescue you, and you can give Me glory.

Psalms 50:23

TRUST. A simple 5 letter word that has the power to set us free! Free fr Worry, fear, frustration, greed, anger, condemnation…..all kinds of negative emotional arsenal.  Daily, our lives are continually barraged with circumstances, surprises, and what ifs, that try to invade and to bomb our joy, peace and hope. Choosing to TRUST~ is one fool-proof missile, which will completely annihilate their vicious attacks. 

Jesus says, in the world we will have trails. Everyone has them, but the great news it that these very trial actually give us the opportunity to build  the muscles that TRUST missiles are made of.  As we exercise them, we become more adept at maneuvering  around small arsenal bombs, and stronger at lifting  the weight of the larger, more dangerous ones from blowing up within us. When we do, peace like a river explodes once more, releasing God’s radiant Presence into our souls and a lightness return, as joy begins to arise once more through the sparks of  hope.

Hope in Him. Hope in His promises. Hope in His goodness.  Hope in a rescue. Hope in His provision and protection. Hope in His grace in the midst of the battle.  Hope in the promise of eternity. The gentle reminder that the price has been paid once and for all~ and we are no longer guilty, but free, for all eternity! TRUST is the missile of freedom for both our soul and spirit in this world and the next.

TRUST in believing that all God says is true. Our inheritance is such a tremendous gift from God, becoming available the minute we surrender our lives to Him. But with this said, TRUST is not only the missile that destroys the bad, but the key that ushers in the good and actually opens the lock box activating our inheritance.  Won’t you choose to TRUST in the Lord with me today, with all your heart~instead of leaning on your own understanding? A simple 5 letter word more powerful than all the enemies vices. Choose to TRUST, and I TRUST that you won’t be disappointed.

-The Quilted Poetess

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