A Sabbath Psalm of Praise

You have reminded me Lord once more that whatever you say to me is full of living power! Your every Word is a precious treasure of knowledge and understanding. As I spend time meditating on Your Word, I am  replenished like a tree that is planted on a spacious, lush riverbank~and as I drink anew of the river of Your Presence and truth, I am nourished and strengthened deep within my soul and spirit. You are preparing me afresh with the nutrients needed to bear delicious fruit for others to feast upon. Oh the joy of spending quality time with You!

As I trust in You and commit my life into Your hands, I am reassured continually that you keep Your promises and they become the armor that protects me.  I become radiant with joy as I remember Your great mercies bestowed on me daily. I am refreshed by Your never-ending blessings. Thank you Lord!  You listen so faithfully to what troubles me; all my concerns and woes. I am safe and secure, because my times are in Your hands. I am even engraved on the palm of Your hand. How great is Your goodness!

You  hide me in the shelter of Your Presence. Your unfailing love protects me like the walls of a fortress. As I depend on You, I take courage knowing You are loyal and You reward your beloved continually with demonstrations of Your love.  You are my hiding place in every storm of life.  You are always faithful to advise and instruct me in my time of need as I wait upon You as to the best course of action (or inaction), always watchful of my progress, surrounding me with your all-surpassing love.

With Your anointing I can do great and mighty things, for You have promised to help me as I step out in faith on the waters of life. Your loving-kindness and truth are my rear guard.  Thank you Lord! I praise and bless Your Holy Name for your kindness and faithfulness. You have done so much for me.

-The Quilted Poetess

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