Just a Decision Away

Monday, I spoke about taking that next courageous step in whatever arena of challenge you might be facing. Daily we all face something we need the courage to do.  Today, I would like to remind you that courage is just a decision away.  But with that said, what exactly can help us to make that courageous decision?

Throughout the Bible, God instructs and exhorts us to trust Him.  He doesn’t say, Trust Me when things look good, but more often, when things look bleak.  It is easy to believe God when all is good, but what about when things go awry?

What do you do when that occurs?  Henry Cloud has a book I am currently reading called, Integrity, subtitled,  the courage to meet the demands of reality.  The COURAGE to MEET the DEMANDS of REALITY! Demands could be such things as, disappointments, losses, pain, betrayal……those things that are not easy, smooth, enjoyable, fun, etc.

We all know from experience that life if filled with twists and turns, curve balls, and deep dark pits.   The question is, What do you do when one of those occurrences takes YOU by surprise? 

In his book, Henry Cloud eloquently explains in detail how integrity is actually more than just a character trait of being honest. It IS a character that is so integrated with courage that when bad things happen, one not only copes, but thrives right in their midst.

A friend of mine defined peace as, a deep settled confidence that God is in control of the details of my life. I would also define trust in the same way. Trust is believing God is in control and has my best interests in mind.  Having the courage to trust Him, no matter what things look like~ brings with it a sense of peace, wholeness, confidence and rest.

The courage to trust is just a decision away. Choose to trust with me today by pinning down the enemy in your life or thoughts that are fighting against you.  Be reminded our battle is not with flesh and blood, but principalities in darkness….. and we already HAVE the victory! Making the decision to fight that battle with trust allows you to experience that victory.

Now is the time. Each minute of each day is a new opportunity to grow by meeting your various challenges with the courage to trust.  Remember, it’s just a decision away.

-The Quilted Poetess 


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