Aglow in His Presence

In the book of Mark everywhere Jesus went and all who touched Him were made whole. We, His Body are now filled with that same life-giving Presence.  His Spirit that is within and upon us can touch those around us. Colossians 3:23 reminds us to work HEARTILY as unto the Lord in all we do.  This creates an atomosphere for others to taste, touch and see the manifest Presence of the Lord, and thus to experience His all-consuming love and awestruck power! 

Lord, I ask you today to increase our awe and wonder in Your Presence.  Allow that internal reality to be manifested through us externally in all we do.  As it does the realm of Your Kingdom which cannot be shaken can and will touch the world around us.  Seeing and thinking will be transformed into Divine perpective where there is no fear,  just perfect love, beause You are there; everywhere.  The Presence of Your light will shine brightly through us and darkness must flee. 

You are so Glorious

Shining Brilliantly Bright

Illuminating Blissfully

Inside my Life.

With Your Sparkling Glow

Radiance and Light

Imparting through Me

Such Fiery, Sizzling Delight.

With Rushing Surges of Pleasure

And Flashing Splashes of Splendor

Amongst Echoing Waves of Grandeur

As You and I Commune Together.

The Streaming Currents of Your Flow

Reverberate Deep within my Soul

Creating Fullness, Breadth Untold

My Essence Complete, now Full and Whole.

~Shekinah Glory

Choose with me today to make every moment one that aglows with His very Presence by choosing to preserve, honor and host His Presence. 

-The Quilted Poetess

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