Shoot for the Stars

This past 2 weeks I have purposely been working on a resolution to be content~in everything! Sounds lofty doesn’t it?  Well, that is the kind of gal I am…………and idealist at heart always shooting for the stars, confident if I don’t hit one, I will hit the moon.

Becoming a Woman of Resolution can be likened to doing just that; shooting for the stars in God’s heavenly galaxy. These past few weeks the 1st star I’ve been aiming at is called, Contentment.  I have made a resolution to live daily with a spirit of contentment, no matter what comes my way.   

During this journey I have found some of the following fuel that has given me power to move upward and onward towards this star: 

1. Choosing to surrender by allowing God to be the captain of my rocket. As He points it in any direction He sees fit, I am resolute to have a deep settled confidence that in everything I can trust He is in control~ of all details, timing, and circumstances.

2. Daily clothing myself with an attitude of gratitude.  Enjoying the journey by focusing what I do have instead of what I don’t, while continuing to dream big. There’s an amazing world out there to explore and with God on my side, the sky is limitless.

3. Exercising grace with others who might be along for the ride.  Not looking to them for my well-being, but instead, as an added blessing and opportunity to share God’s blessings with.

4. Being willing to wait and taking up the posture of rest in the midst of  what I call “the waiting game.”   

Trust, attitude, grace in a posture of rest are 4 key components catapulting me into heavenly realms where I see it: Contentment shining brightly just for the taking, (or should I say receiving?).  Why not join me on this journey?  It is definitely a ride worth taking.

-The Quilted Poetess

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