Sprinkled with Wildflowers

I just finished reading a scripture passage in The Message Bible where Jesus likened the disciples sitting on the hill during one of His sermons to a patchwork quilt of colorful wildflowers sprinkled on the green grass.   I loved this visual and it instantly brought to my remembrance my beloved friendships! 

I am so thankful for the fragrant, colorful, and brilliantly bright friendships in my bouquet.  As I reflect on each one, my heart leaps with pleasurable excitement. Sunflowers, roses, daisies, lilacs………and so many MORE!  You know who you are.  Each one, a sweet-smelling fragrance that has led me in triumphal procession to Christ, the Ultimate Wildflower. At times, as I like a hummingbird have drunk from the nectar you’ve produced and  been strengthened and encouraged.  At other times, the nectar of my own wildflower has nourished you.

How I thank God He has made such a diverse and unique array of wildflowers; every shape, size, color and  smell.  Each hand-picked and given as a gift to enhance my bouquet, making it soo much more interesting and fulfilling.  Relationships, one of the greatest gifts given.  How I treasure each one like pure gold. 

Some of you wildflowers have been given to me for a reason and some for a season. Others have never wilted, and become wildflower’s forevermore! Whether short of long-lived, each has been and are a tremendous blessing in my life.

Beholding memories and good times spent, while also dreaming of those in the future to dream for!  Why not join me today in gazing and savoring the wildflower array in your life?  There’s no better way to  spend this beautiful Saturday.

~The Quilted Poetess

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