The Waiting Room of Life

Is there anything you’ve been WAITING for?  I think all of us have something of things that are near and dear to our hearts that are in the Waiting Room of Life. The real question is, During the WAIT, just what are we to do?

Do? I  might ask, but that is exactly what often appears to be the problem. More times than not, we find that what we DO does not birth the breakthrough. Now why is that when we know we are called to co-labor with God in the birthing process? For reasons unknown to us, those particular babies of Promise are awaiting Divine intervention.  Divine intervention is an act of God that occurs in God’s perfect timing and His perfect way bringing forth and ushering in those long-awaited babies.

Anyone pregnant?  As we all know in the natural realm it can take 9 long months from inception to delivery before birth takes place.  In the spiritual realm I have found the WAIT can be much, much longer.  But does that mean we give up believing?  Absolutely not!

No, we don’t give up and no, we don’t give in.  We don’t give in to hopelessness, despair and unbelief. If God has said it we believe it and we wait. Sometimes patiently; sometimes impatiently, but we wait.  We wait and we pray.

Yes, prayer is our part of the delivery process; seeking, asking, knocking, and yes, waiting,  but while waiting, believing that our baby of Promise will be born; believing that breakthrough will come.

The 3 most important words to remember are: Don’t Give Up!    When the wait seems forever, and you are feeling weak and defeated, ask others for prayer. Remind yourself of the Promise and call upon His name. Praise and worship and thank Him ahead of time for the breakthrough.  Remind yourself that everyone spends time in the Waiting Room of Life; such is common to man.

One day breakthrough will come and that day will be glorious!  Joy will come in the morning; dancing will replace weeping.  beauty will come out of ashes. All will rejoice with you as you hold your baby of Promise in your arms and praise Jesus!

~The Quilted Poetess

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