Isn’t is refreshing to meet and talk with someone who is real, transparent and authentic? It’s like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a world of stuffiness.  I am not saying that when I do, I always feel akin or in agreement with such a person, but oh, how I value others who are free to be and express themselves. 

Free to laugh at what they find funny; free to cry at what brings them pain. Free to express passion, frustration, obsession, confusion, or whatever color of the rainbow of emotion they are feeling.

Free to feel and express, but also free to temper destructive emotions and actions with self-control. Meekness has been described as power under control.  I believe authenticity, or the freedom to be yourself comes with responsibility. The responsibility of valuing your own self-expression, but not at the expense of others. 

This takes maturity. Maturing is a process of growth that takes time and practice. Like anything else through trials and errors we will make some messes along the way that we need to clean up, but I believe they will be well worth the risk. 

Valuing yourself not according to a cultural norm, but giving credence to your uniqueness and abilities regardless of the cultural norm is what I am talking about. This also is a process. It begins by taking the time to discover yourself. Discovering your likes, dislikes, interests, opinions, loves, hates, etc. 

Celebrating others in the freedom of their diversity is also a key component.  Not everyone is going to agree with, or be like you and that is O.K., an actually a part of what makes life interesting.

Authenticity. The sheer freedom of being yourself. Discovering and allowing yourself to become who you were created to be. This is the true taste of life we each have to offer one another and what I believe really brings glory to our God. 

I encourage you today to make and take the time to get acquainted with yourself.  Take yourself on a date.  Go out into the world and find out what you enjoy.  Be still and ponder what rocks your world. Then create opportunities to nourish those parts of you that are malnourished. Pamper yourself.  Challenge yourself, but most of all love yourself. Then go into all the world and share yourself with others~ even if no one else is beating to the same drum.  When you do, Jesus will shine through you more brightly than ever before!

~The Quilted Poetess

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