Living a Life of Grace

Living by grace, empowered by grace, resting in grace; while at the same time laboring in His grace that so powerfully works within us.  Just how do we do that? 

Today, when we hear His voice…….we choose to listen and respond. Responding to today’s message, not depending on yesterdays or the day before. Our relationship with God is alive in the present. We live and breathe and have our being in the present moment IN Him. When we do, His heart and ours beat at one.  That oneness will reveal to us the where, when, how, why and who to love.

As we make the choice to respond willingly and obey, His grace will empower us as He breathes His life into all we say and do.  We can rest knowing He is working in and through us for the praise of His glory.  As we believe, abide, obey, follow and trust………we can live in that place of rest,  where His empowering grace becomes the life-giving energy that works in and through us.

We are His. He is to lead and direct and we are to avail ourselves to His Presence and lead. When we do, His grace works through us.  It is by grace we have been saved, and by grace we act.   All for the praise of His glory! Choose with me to live a life of grace today.

~The Quilted Poetess


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