Hopefully Devoted to You

Obedience and the fear of the Lord are good principles to live by, but will never usher us into the intimacy with God we desire and ultimately were created for.

In Genesis 22, we are reminded at God’s request, that the Patriarch Abraham willingly offered his precious son, Isaac, upon the altar. I think we would all agree this was an amazing feat. Although there was nothing in this for him, except potentially tremendous loss, because of His devotion to the God he loved, he was willing. His wholehearted commitment of his most precious possession was motivated  by his personal intimacy with God.

True intimacy with God is not discovered in the act of obedience, but through a relationship, which is rooted in the soil of devotion. Devotion to Him, solely based on our love for Him. Because we LOVE Him, not serve Him, but LOVE Him with all heart, mind, soul and strength, we are Hopefully devoted to Him.  Hopefully you are too!

~The Quilted Poetess

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