Who Are You Listening To?

Yesterday, I was reminded to pay close attention to the “who” behind those voices I listen to~ that move in and out of my head daily. Sometimes, and often many times throughout the day they are not edifying, building up and life-giving. Identifying their source can make all the difference as to whether life of death is the outcome of my attitudes and actions.

Spirits, other than the Holy Spirit love to whisper morsels of deceptive lies to taint my perspective.  When those thoughts occur, I have a choice. I can choose to listen and believe them as truth, or identify them for what they are- lies. Lies that come to rob, steal and destroy my sense of peace, joy, hope and the abundant life Christ has given me in Him.

It takes diligence and discipline to STOP, discern and decide what is from Holy Spirit and what is not. I find that when I take the time to practice “active listening,” to these inner voices, I have the opportunities to identify their source and push the REJECT button, before they take root in my heart and mind.

Then there are times they blindly weave their way in, BEFORE I recognize them.  When this occurs, I can spot them by assessing my poor attitude, or lack of sense of well-being. I know when I become fearful, offended, obsesses, stressed, (you fill in the blank) some lie has come against me to rob me of my joy.

The great news is that is never too late. Never too late to take an inside look and ask Holy Spirit to show me just what thought/spirit has troubled/lied to me. Once identifying it, I can break the agreement I have made with it and replace it with the truth of that situation.  When I do, and choose to nail it to the cross, Jesus gives me back my life and life abundantly.

I don’t know about you, but I know I want to enjoy my days, loving and feeling loved and all the other amazing benefits promised to me by the Lover of my soul.  How about you? 

~The Quilted Poetess

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