There is Hope~ There is always Hope

A Hope that does not Disappoint~ A Hope that Transforms~ A Hope that Understands

Because of the All-Surpassing Miraculous Work of Christ on our Behalf~ Because of Who He is~

Because of What He has Done We live

We live Unashamed~ We live Free~We live Loved~ We live with Hope

Each Minute of each Day Filled with a fresh Supply of all we Need according to His riches in Glory

For Relationship~ For Love~ For Protection~For Provision~ For Direction~ For Fulfillment

He is our Everything~ And in Him is Everything we Need~ Through Him is Everything we Need

To Be~ To Become~  To Belong~  To be Blessed and to be a Blessing to others

In Him we are Cleansed, Refreshed and Renewed daily

Through His manifested Presence~His Living Word~ the Loving Touch and Words of Others

Although Life is full of Detours, Disappointments, Heartaches and Disillusionments

We Know that our Redeemer Lives ~ We know we Live in Him

We know Nothing~ no Nothing can Separate us from His Love

A Love that is Higher, Longer, Wider and Deeper than any Sorrow or Loss

A Love that is Eternal~ A Love that is Infinite~ A Love that is UnendingIMG_0098

The Glory of the One and Only~ Full of Grace and Truth!

~The Quilted Poetess

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