All Because of a Dream

All because of a dream, Joseph betrothed Mary; pregnant with child at the time.  All because of a dream, Jesus was spared as a young toddler.   All because of a dream a Savior was born, lived, died and rose on our behalf.

God speaks to us in many ways; through His Word, people, circumstances, His still small voice and sometimes what might seem like a whack over the head.  As with Joseph so many years ago, He also speaks to us today through our dreams.  At night when we lay our head on that pillow and say, “nighty night,”  our minds take a rest from control of our will.  But during those hours, we go in and out of dream states where the  Spirit of the Living God, who never slumbers, can download all kinds of interesting impressions into our subconscious.

Dreams are worth paying attention to.  Although not all dreams are from  God, many are.  Paying close attention to those impressions can bring us fresh direction, confirmation and warning, as they did in the life of Joseph.  Many books have been written by authors who have been  led to ask Holy Spirit just how to interpret this dream life.

I have been journaling my dreams for a few years now. When I arise and realize I have had a dream, I try to recall and record as many details as possible.  I then research meaning of various symbols of my dream using a dream dictionary.  Next, I wait upon the Holy Spirit, asking Him for His interpretation of what He has to reveal to me.

As we have seen in Joseph’s life, dreams were a very critical witness from the Holy Spirit as to the ‘what” God wanted him to do.  His choice to listen and obey~ affected the entire future of humanity.  Your dreams can also have an incredible influence on your life and others.

God is so amazingly multifaceted in the ways He ministers to us, and dreams are just another avenue to be blessed by His touch, encouragement and vision for our lives.  When you lay that head on that pillow tonight…..begin asking Him to speak, and I am confident He will!

~The Quilted Poetess

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One Comment on “All Because of a Dream”

  1. Joyanne, I have noticed your posts do not have tags or categories. This means that only subscribers will have it appear in their readers.
    If you add a few categories and tags then readers looking for that particular content will find your inspired words. Be careful not to add too many, the readers don’t pick up posts with too many tags and categories.

    Beautifully inspired words. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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