The Greatest Gift of All

Boy, am I thrilled that Holy Spirit reminded me today, It is not by my works of righteousness, but by His grace alone.  I am complete in Him.  I have been given freely, the greatest gift of all~ Jesus~and in Him, I am complete. There is nothing I can do to add to or take away from being 100% accepted, loved and cherished.

As Jesus never was stressed to impress, be validated or feel complete~ I also have no need to do so. Phew! Does that take the performance pressure off; especially this time of year! I then asked Holy Spirit,  Just what is the greatest gift I can give to You? He impressed upon me 3 simple directives:

  • Trust Me 
  • Love Me 
  • Serve Me

Trust Me ~ that I am more than enough in the midst of your unanswered questions, disappointments, fears, injustices, the wait, trials, discipline, lack, unanswered prayers

Love Me~ by filling your heart affections with more of Me

Serve Me~ by humbly showing respect and honor to others, while at the same time speaking and serving their needs as I lead

With the anticipation of celebrating the remembrance of that first Christmas morn, “Christ’s wondrous birth,”  I am so blessed to be reminded of just how simple it can be.  Thank you Lord for giving us the Greatest Gift of All…..Yourself!

~The Quilted Poetess

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