The Center of My Universe

Your Voice Holy Spirit~ oh, how I love hearing Your voice speaking to my heart about the things that concern You~ the things that concern me.  Through my dreams as with Joseph, offering warning, protection, direction.  Through your written Word, offering encouragement as You reveal to me Your  multidimensional nature that more than ABLE to meet all my needs. Through my circumstances confirming a yeah or nay in my decision making. And yes, through people, as spokesmen on Your very behalf.

I arise daily excited to sit at Your feet~as Mary did~anticipating Your touch and a freshWord from You~rarely disappointed. As I do, our relationship thrives and I find that nothing in my life is more treasured or valued than spending quality time with You. During that time I cultivate a listening ear to hear. To hear more clearly and with great sensitivity Your still small voice in the unseen realm that is always Present. I am filled to overflowing with such thankfulness that You still speak~as in times of old Holy Spirit,

You say in Your Word, He who has ears, let him hear.  Holy Spirit, help me to remove all that would hinder or separate me from hearing~busyness, fear, pride, laziness, hardness of heart, unbelief, disobedience, dependence on man, etc. Daily draw and woo my heart to You. May You always be the center of my universe. May I always listen, hear and obey……today I pray.

~The Quilted PoetessIMG_0119


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