The Road that Leads to Life

John the Baptist came preaching, Make straight the paths. Today, Holy Spirit lives within each one of us declaring the same message.

What is the pathway to your heart? What draws your affections? What brings your pleasure and makes life worth living? We all have relationships with someone or something that tugs on our heartstrings, drawing us as a magnet in that direction.  That thing of person truly motivates, inspires and stirs us to action. The question is, As we follow that something or someone, what will its outcome ultimately be?

In John the Baptist’s day much as in our own~ for such is common to man, often times, people chose to take what he called, crooked paths. Synonyms for crooked would be such things as twisted,  meandering, tortuous, deformed, distorted, and unscrupulous. Yuk!  In the Word it says, There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end the way leads to death.  Sounds like the outcome of these crooked paths doesn’t it?

These crooked paths that we all take from time to time, will not lead us to the destination we are ultimately desiring, but actually detour us to rocky, barren wastelands that might appear as a desert-like watering hole, but once arriving we will find we’d actually just seen a mirage that is only a dust-filled mud hole.

So, just how do keep ourselves from following those deceptive, winding, crooked paths? First of all, by seeking.  Jesus says, Seek and you will find. As we seek, He will open our spiritual eyes or 6th sense, to lead and guide us. As we cultivate a listening ear for His voice we will hear Him say, This is the way….walk in it!

Secondly, as the Word says, Guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of them flow the issues of life. We need to sensitively  pay attention to what are affections are on, and when they are on things that we know are not life-giving, we need to discipline ourselves to move as far away as possible from them in thought or deedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.

Lastly, choose to follow Him.  As we spend quality time with Holy Spirit He will lead the way, but we need to actively follow. As we do, He will till up that fallow ground in our hearts that cause us to go astray and remove the stony places, replacing them with heavenly nutrients that will satisfy, bless and lead us to life!

~The Quilted Poetess

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