Our Advent Story

Each one of us has our own unique advent story. Our story of rebirth and redemption.This rebirth praisefully affects our entire life; past, present and future. No matter what our history was; where we’ve come from, or where we’ve been; the precious day we chose  to receive Christ ~we were born anew. Old things passed away, behold (in His eyes, all things were new). We have been forgiven and will continue to be forgiven as long as we live. Thank You, Lord!

Our slate was wiped CLEAN. We had a new and fresh beginning.God became our spiritual Father and now His DNA is within us. Through breathing His breath of life into us, we are truly alive. Alive in every sense of the word.  Now, the presence of God, through the Holy Spirit has taken up residence within us~to live and breathe and have His being through us. Our spirit has also been brought back to life to take a leadership role over our sou and body.  As we nurture and feed it upon the Bread of Life, it becomes stronger and able to copartner with HOly Spirit to destroy the works of the devil by ushering heaven’s atmosphere and realities through our life from heaven to earth.

The light He has now placed within us overcomes the darkness without, as we walk and keep in step with the spirit.  We too, have our story to live and tell~filled with promise, hope and the love of God as He works in and through our lives.  Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your heart, nothing will. IMG_0219Let today be a day of faithfulness; a bearing of fruitfulness bringing glory to our Father.  And all the saints said, Amen!

~The  Quilted Poetess

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