Come Away My Beloved

Relationships~ I don’t know about you, but for me, relationships have and do play a most precious role in  my life.  They are on my top 5 list of favorites.  They fill a hole in my heart that nothing else can, no matter how spectacular.  That is because they are alive ~ with life, love, encouragement, and embrace.

And exchange~ in any healthy functioning relationship there is also a heart to heart exchange of such things as hopes, dreams, questions, concerns and  often times, wisdom. An exchange of touch, laughter, tears, the validation of seeing eye to eye, as well as the sheer surprise of diversity. An exchange of so many colors and hues of emotions to explore and enjoy.

What is true in the natural is also true in the spiritual realm with the Trinity. As Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each has Their own unique personalities and traits they offer as we relate to them.

Now this is when our cup of relational fullness really overflows! Interrelating with the God Head opens spiritual doors to new relational horizons for us that are laced with heaven’s realities. To hear the Voice of the Lord speak directly or feel His touch, brings pleasure like no other.

We were uniquely designed and created for this type of relationship. His Spirit sweetly whispering and tenderly beckoning us throughout the day to stop~ whatever we are doing as He says,  Come Away My Beloved to My Secret Place. Oh won’t you take some time to spend with Him there today?

The Secret Place

Just to “BE” in The Secret Place-

To rest, relax in Your embrace.

To meet with You where I can BE”

Released and free- merged, “ONE” with Thee.

From thoughts, activity distractions, worry-

Where time stands still and there’s no hurry.

Your glory filling the atmosphere-

Where peace is found and there’s no fear.

Only impartations with revelation-

And manifestations in demonstration.

Of Kingdom activity Heavenly visitation-

Your Spirit moving calling, loving, wooing.

As Your anointing infills me-

I know that when I leave this place.

I’ll “BE” with You wherever I go-

Experiencing daily communion sweet-

Heaven’s taste of The Secret Place.

In the Cool of the Morn~The Quilted Poetess

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